Crestwood Childcare and Learning Center agrees to enroll your child/children in accordance with the following provision and the Curren schedules of fees that you have been given. You, in turn, agree to abide by these provisions and pay the appropriate fees if you enroll your child/children. The Center welcomes registration at any time during the year. Please note at the end of this packet there are several items that must be provided and/or filled out, signed, and returned to the Center prior to enrollment.

Ages of Children Eligible for Enrollment

Children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years are eligible for enrollment. Please note that the Center provides a comprehensive Pre-Kindergarten program, and does not accept children already enrolled in Kindergarten.

Hours of Operation

The Center is open each weekday (excluding the holidays listed below and determinations made to close as a result of inclement weather) from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Late pick-up will result in charges as described on the fee schedule provided.

Holidays and Inclement Weather

The Center is closed on the following holidays:
Memorial Day
Fourth of July (if Fourth of July is on a Saturday, the Center will be closed Friday. If it is on a Sunday, the Center will be closed Monday)
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday
Christmas Day
New Year’s Day

The Center reserves the right to operate on a shortened schedule on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

The Center strives to remain open in the event of inclement weather, taking into consideration the safety of all of our staff and students. The Center does not follow Oldham County Public School closings. The Administration will make a decision regarding a closing or delayed opening as soon as is reasonably possible. Parents will be notified via the Brightwheel application. We do not offer refunds for days the Center is closed for inclement weather, however, if the Center is forced to close for an extended period of time, we will review and communicate any decision regarding possible account credits.

Tuition and Fees

Weekly tuition is due by 6:00 P.M. on the Friday of the preceding week. You are required to select a weekly or daily tuition plan in advance. Please see the attached Tuition and Fee Schedule for additional details and information. Non-payment of tuition may result in your child not being accepted for care. There is a one- time registration fee of $60.00 due when this agreement is signed and returned.

Attendance and Absences

There is no discount allowed for absence or the holidays enumerated herein above. This means if your child is absent for any reason and you choose to keep your child enrolled, you will still be responsible for any applicable tuition and/or fees. If your child is absent for more than one week without explanation and payment of tuition, they will be considered withdrawn.

Attendance will be tracked as students arrive at the Center and again when they arrive in their room on the Brightwheel application. Parents and/or others authorized to pick-up and drop off students will be required to check the student in and out on the tablet in the front lobby. You child’s room teacher will check the child in on the in-room tablet once the child arrives in their classroom. Parents will be able to see what time their child has arrived and departed from the Center on the parent Brightwheel application.


Each full-time student is entitled to eleven (11) days of vacation credits after attending the Center for 30 days. Students who attend three days per week are eligible for six (6) days and students who attend two days per week are eligible for four (4) days of vacation credits annually. Please submit vacation requests at least one week in advance and include the dates your child/children will be absent, to ensure that the credit is accurately reflected on your weekly tuition statement.


Sick children cannot be accepted for care at the Center, both for their own safety and well-being and the safety and well-being of the staff and other students. Staff will look for any sign of symptoms of illness upon a child’s arrival at the Center and shall refuse admittance if such symptoms are present (please review the “Illness Policy for Exclusion” attached hereto). If your child becomes ill at the Center, the parents will be informed and required to pick up the sick child as soon as possible. Per state policy, Children arriving with or sent home with a fever must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to the Center. Please notify the Center when a child has been exposed to a communicable disease. It will be left to the Administration’s discretion as to when a child may return to the Center after a disease of this type has been contracted.

Staff at the Center may not administer any medication to your child without a signed permission and instruction sheet regarding the medication’s use. All over- the- counter medication can be administered ONLY with the permission of your child’s physician. The correct dosage must be approved by your physician.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky requires the Center to have a current immunization record at the time of enrollment, and for the immunization record to be updated and provided as your child receives each round of immunizations. The records can be provided via hard copy or uploaded through the Brightwheel application.

Emergency Medical Treatment

You are required to sign an authorization for the Center to obtain emergency medical treatment if there are times you cannot be reached at the contact telephone number(s) you give us. The Center staff or administration will contact 911 on your child’s behalf in the event of an immediate emergency. Per EMS policy, in the event 911 is called on your child’s behalf, they will be taken to the nearest hospital. Parents will be contacted immediately after Emergency Services and advised of their child’s condition. Parents may relay instructions to EMS at that time. Parents are required to list an emergency contact in the event a parent cannot be reached.


No harsh/corporal discipline is permitted at the Center. We reserve the right to remove a child from group activities, lessons, or play for limited periods, if necessary, to prevent disruption and to ensure the safety of staff and students. If problematic behavior is persistent, the parent will be asked to remove the child from the Center.

Dress Code

Children should wear washable, seasonably appropriate play clothes and shoes which are suitable for indoor and outdoor play. All clothing should be clearly marked to prevent loss and confusion. You should provide a sweater or similar outerwear in case of temperature change and a completely change of clothes to keep in your child’s cubby in the event of a toilet accident, food spillage, etc. Please see that children wear proper shoes.