It’s important to know what what your child does while away from you and what activities we include in our daily curriculum planning. The Center began with a teaching program for eighteen month old children in 1990 which was far in advance of state benchmarks. The babies in our nursery are read to, sung to, and exposed to rhymes, music, and educational toys every day. Our preschool curriculums were developed by our Pre-Kindergarten teacher, Andrea Tate. Ms. Andrea has a Master’s Degree in Teaching Arts with an emphasis in early childhood education. All of our staff attends fifteen hours of yearly continuing education courses specific to early childhood education providers. Curriculum areas we emphasize are:

  • Creative Arts
  • Language Arts
  • Literature Appreciation
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Critical Thinking

Some days, your child may have several lesson activities to bring home to show you. On others, the activities may not be on paper. It’s important to expose children to different methods of learning, and we try to stimulate and encourage development of all different types of learning. Individual teachers will keep you informed of the unit topics. Each age group has it’s own goals we hope for each child to meet prior to promotion to the next room:


Preschool One

Preschool Two

Preschool Three

Preschool Four

Preschool Five

Our students are well prepared for Kindergarten, not only bringing with them the formal learning skills they have mastered, but also the social skills needs to participation school programs and interactions with other children in their new environment. Teachers from both Jefferson and Oldham County school systems bring their childcare to the Center for pre-school preparedness. The Center staff knows and understands the needs of young children and does its best to accommodate all levels of need. Please feel free to inquire about any additional information you might require regarding our programs, materials used, and preparation in your child’s development.

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