At the Center, we believe:

  • That our program is not baby-sitting, though we provide child care. We incorporate a carefully planned and stimulating educational program in additional providing quality, loving child care for your child.
  • A child’s play is their work, and teach many learning experiences through play. After all, if children enjoy what they learn, they will be more likely to learn and retain that learning.
  • It is important to nurture the whole child: social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. We do not single out one as more important than another, though we may note strengths in certain areas. We believe children need lots of social experiences and contacts with the world in which they live .
  • That children should be allowed to be children, for this period of their life is all too short.
  • That each child is an individual land should be treated individually
  • That children who have positive preschool experiences and learn to appreciate the value and joy of learning, carry this over to their future school years and to all of their life
  • That children learn best when they feel secure, loved, and cared for
  • That children need a certain amount of structure, order, and routine to their day. They need rules, limits and boundaries.


  • To learn to live and work cooperatively with other children
  • To make a smooth adjustment and transition from home to the preschool environment
  • To learn and know the value of one’s own rights and the rights of others
  • To develop and maintain a good self-image
  • To identify and understand one’s feelings and fine a manageable way to handle one’s emotions
  • To learn the self-help skills in order to aid the child in the move from dependency to independence
  • To develop language and listening skills
  • To develop the ability to work at a task until it is completed
  • To stimulate intellectual development through learning experiences
  • To expose children to the world around them
  • To nurture the development of creative abilities in children through the various fine arts
  • To hep each child experience the joy of learning
  • To help each child to gain a sense of accomplishment by engaging in activities and lessons geared to their needs and abilities