Enrichment activities

Turtle, Nature Walk, Photo Use, and Outdoor Playtime Releases

In addition to our application, you’ll be asked to sign and return several releases.

The Center is home to three Red-Eared Slider water turtles, a species native to Kentucky! Larry, Curly, and Moe have been with us for almost 20(!) years! It’s become a tradition that arriving students go visit and drop some food in for the turtles to start their day, and often helps to distract and ease the separation when their parent leaves. During derby week, the turtles are temporarily out of their tanks for the morning and we participate in our annual Turtle Derby! Please note, the children never handle or touch the turtles in anyway, however, we ask that you sign a release allowing your children to participate in activities that involve the turtles.

During more temperate weather, our older preschool classes go on “nature walks” around our property, outside of our two playgrounds. These walks are always supervised by the classroom teachers, and a usually near the perimeters of our parking lot, or the front and side yard of our building.

We frequently update our website, Instagram account, and facebook page to feature all the fun and exciting things our students do each week. Included in your enrollment package is a waiver which gives us permission to feature your child on our social media accounts and website. If you are not comfortable with the use of your child’s image, please provide the Center written notice for us to keep on file.

The Center has two large outdoor playgrounds, and a smaller outdoor playback for our toddlers. Children play outside every day, if the weather is appropriate. In the summer months, we have onsite “pool days”, in which small inflatable pools are used. As with the nature walks, children are always supervised during these times. The Center also requires parental permission to apply sunscreen to your child when seasonally appropriate.

Please review, sign, and return the releases included in this packet.


The Center uses brightwheel, an industry leading management, bill pay, and parent engagement application. From an easy to use application on your phone, you can see what your child is learning that day, receive picture updates, messages from your child’s teacher, and reminders throughout the day. You can also pay your tuition bill and track your child’s attendance instantly from the app. More information about Brightwheel is included in this packet.


All exterior doors to the Center remain locked during hours of operation. The only entrance accessible to parents and visitors during the day is the main front entrance, which is secure with a code- based lock using the REACH system. Each family shall set a four digit security number with REACH, which can be used by parents and adults approved to pick-up children to access the building. Please let the administration know what you would like your code to be.

Any adult seeking to pick-up a child that is not familiar to our staff, even if they are on the approved pick-up list, must present a photo identification. The child/children’s parent or guardian must inform the Center in advance that a non-parent or guardian will be picking the child up.

The child must also be signed in and out on the tablet in the front lobby on the brightwheel application using the separate code, set by the parent or guardian, in the brightwheel parent application.

Behavioral Expectations

We pride ourselves on assisting in the transition to a school setting, with the understanding that it takes some children longer than others to acclimate to a routine and to the expectations of a group, educational setting. We expect our students to be respectful of their teachers and of each other, to listen and participate in lesson time, to and follow the directions of the teachers. We have a two hour nap time period every day after lunch between the hours of 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. Our students are expected to sleep or have a quiet time period so as not to disrupt their classmates. We ask that you refrain from picking up or dropping off your child during this tie to ensure an undisturbed and restful atmosphere.

If your child is having a difficult time acclimating, we reserve the right to dismiss the child from the Center for their own well-being and/or for the well-being of their classmates.